Kali: The Dark Mother

Kali is one of the many forms of Shakti. Maha Kaali is the fiercest of all Goddesses of Hinduism. The word Kali has its roots in the Sanskrit word "Kaal", which means time. Nothing escapes from time. Kali brings  death of the ego. Even in the scriptures, she has killed demons but not anyone else. Kali is considered a form of mother too. 

Maha Kaali is the most compassionate of all forms of Goddesses as she provides salvation or liberation to her children. Kali is equivalent to Shiva because both of them are the destroyers of evil, fake and unreal. 

Goddess Kali has four arms and hands depicting her immense strength. In two of her hands, she holds a sword and a fresh severed head, representing a great battle in which she defeated the demon Raktabija. The other two hands are there to bless her true devotees, suggesting that they will be saved as she will guide them here and hereafter.

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Brass Kali
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